Wednesday, February 11, 2009


dbv USERID=username/password

The following example shows a sample use of the command-line interface to this mode of DBVERIFY.

SEGMENT_ID specifies the segment to be verified. It is composed of the tablespace ID number (tsn), segment header file number (segfile), and segment header block number (segblock). These can be obtained by querying TABLESPACE_ID, HEADER_FILE, and HEADER_BLOCK from sys_user_segs.

SELECT tablespace_id, header_file, header_block
FROM sys_user_segs
ORDER BY 1,2,3;

dbv USERID=uwclass/uwclass SEGMENT_ID=2.3.38451

DBVERIFY - Verification starting : SEGMENT_ID = 2.3.38451

DBVERIFY - Verification complete

Total Pages Examined : 32
Total Pages Processed (Data) : 28
Total Pages Failing (Data) : 0
Total Pages Processed (Index): 0
Total Pages Failing (Index) : 0
Total Pages Processed (Other): 3
Total Pages Processed (Seg) : 1
Total Pages Failing (Seg) : 0
Total Pages Empty : 0
Total Pages Marked Corrupt : 0
Total Pages Influx : 0
Highest block SCN : 30027821 (0.30027821)

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